Who is Showbiz Kids and what do you do?

Showbiz Kids is talent agency for Toddlers, Children, Teenagers and Families. We promote and supply talent to reputable casting or production agencies for photographic advertising, television commercials, television series and films.

Our team acts as a liaison between the client and the 'talent'. In a typical scenario, the client will provide us with specific requirements. We then submit a selection of talent for the client to choose from.

Once the agency has made their decision, we arrange for the talent's attendance on location and give the talent and or their parent or guardian specific information related to the job - for example, details on what to wear, hair and make-up, script etc.


What type of work can Showbiz Kids offer?

Showbiz Kids supplies talent for product campaigns, commercials, television series and film. Our talent are submitted for both background and featured extra work. Are registered members guaranteed work? We'd love to say yes, but unfortunately Showbiz Kids can not guarantee work for any talent we represent. The film and television industry is very competitive and we do not have any influence in the selection process - that's up to the agencies. However, we do try hard to select talent who are most likely to get work - based on their looks and personality. But ultimately it is the client who decides which talent gets the job. This is the case with any talent agency in New Zealand.


What ages do you represent?

We represent children from newborns to teenagers and families of all ages including mums, dads and grandparents.


What range of members are on your books?

We strive to keep a balanced mix of talent which helps us supply our clients with a diverse range of looks, skills, age and ethnic backgrounds.


Do you accept everyone who applies?

No, we don't accept every applicant. In order to represent each talent responsibly and honestly we only accept those who we believe have a reasonably good chance of being the type of talent that agencies will be looking for. Being able to take direction well, and feeling comfortable and confident around new people is a very important consideration when casting for talent. Not all children are ready to be on a busy film set and we always advise the parents and guardians if we feel this is the case.


How do I join?

If you think you or your child has the personality, looks and talentl, we invite you to fill out our Interview Request form. Alternatively, you can Contact Us or send an Enquiry via our Online Enquiry form or contact us direct on 0508 SHOW BIZ (0508 7469 249) or contact Mel on 021 645 228


How much does it cost to join Showbiz Kids?

Once your application is accepted we will ask you to pay a registration fee. This is a one-off fee paid at the time of registration and unlike most Talent Agencies is NOT charged annually

  • $120 individual child
  • $60 per additional sibling

*No charge for Mum & Dad  to register 

This fee covers Marketing materials produced by the agency to promote the talent we have on our books Photographs taken in-studio (additional, optional fee for professional photography - details available on request) Registration and profile details on the Showbiz kids website - available to casting directors and production companies Your inclusion in our talent database which our clients review Administration expenses


How do Showbiz Members get paid and what commission do you charge?

After a job is completed, Showbiz Kids will invoice the agency and receive payment (usually within 30 to 60 days) on you or your child's behalf. We deduct 20% (plus gst) commission from your negotiated fee and electronically transfer the funds into an account specified by you.

We are also required by law to deduct 20% Witholding Tax which is fully refundable for children under 18 who are still at school.


How do you promote your Members?

Upon joining Showbiz Kids your details are placed within the Showbiz Kids database and in the Profile section of the Showbiz Kids website.

The Showbiz Kids website is a secure password-protected profile library that our casting and production agents use to search for the right talent. Our Administration security protocols means no-one other than registered casting and production agencies has access to this facility. Prospective casting and production agencies can register and gain access to the profile section free of charge.

Agencies seek 'talent' either by phoning us directly or by sending us a 'brief' outlining their requirements. The "brief" details the type of job, the type of talent required and what special abilities may be necessary.

Talent who match these requirements will be submitted by us for the client's consideration. The agency then invites their choices to a casting (or audition) where they speak to each talent and perhaps have a test run in front of the camera.

Sometimes jobs and castings are arranged at short notice - perhaps on the same or following day. Most jobs are scheduled during normal work hours so you have to be clear about this and - within reason - committed to attending at short notice.


Can a Member belong to one or more agencies?

No. You can only be with one telent agency at a time. Showbiz Kids recommends that you or your child remain with us for at least one year from the time of enrolment to ensure that you have given enough time to be properly promoted. However, if you wish to try another talent agency you must inform us in writing so we can remove the profile from the website.


Can I contact the agency to check on how things are going?

If there's any news, you'll hear from us straight away. But we would like to hear from you either by phone or email so you can update you or your child's details and email any recently updated photos. Children in particular grow and change very quickly so it's important to keep photos and information current.